Transparent (trans-par-ent):

so sheer that light passes through it; easily seen through, recognized, or detected; obvious, can be distinctly seen or understood.


We are experts in one thing:

Merchant Processing Accounts

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Full PCI

We provide Full PCI Support

and $50k per MID Breach Protection Coverage provided (no fee)

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State of the art

State of the art on-line tools

Training and support

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Fresh Solutions

2.75% processing rate flat. NO other fees whatsoever!


It’s about time that you actually know the amount you paid for credit card processing!

With us it is a simple 2.75% and that is it!

Full Service

At TransparentPay we are full service!

This product is a division of MersaTech, LLC. We offer 24/7 technical and customer support on the telephone not just by email like many other imitators.

Free Bid

You really don’t need a bid as it is as simple as taking your total volume processed with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover and multiplying it by 2.75% and that is the total with us—no other fees. However we understand that a side by side comparison is important and we can complete that for you at no cost. Go to contact us so we can get this completed for you right away.