We Know the Industry has changed

Being a sales professional in merchant services makes one well aware that there are not many industries are as crowded, competitive, or confusing as merchant services.  Things now have certainly changed!  Now merchants and sales people navigate through every fee imaginable.



Forget about all the “new” fees

Forget about FEES!  We do not and will not charge you a costs or charge a fee to your merchant for anything not listed on your Schedule A.  No new surprise fees!  That means NO:  PCI Annual Fees, PCI Monthly Fees, PCI Monthly Non-Compliance fees, IRS TIN Enrollment/Annual fees, TIN Monthly fees, IRS TIN Mismatch fees, ACH fees, other non compliance fees,  other monthly fees, annual “administrative” fees, PCI insurance fees, semi annual fees, annual fees.


Being Transparent to both sales people and merchants is our model.  If you are looking for a way to be billed and treated fairly in the implementation and support of all  their merchant services needs.  Our partners (both the sales person and the merchant) shall be treated with the highest level of integrity at all times.  Our personalized services utilize state of the art technology including: line applications, click to agree, iPad signature MPA’s, sales portal reporting, detail residuals, and notes.