Sales Overview

Being a sales professional in merchant services makes one well aware that there are not many industries are as crowded, competitive, or confusing as merchant services. Pricing within the industry for decades was simple and little had changed year over year (other than the minor interchange modifications every April and October).

Things now have certainly changed! Now merchants and sales people navigate through every fee imaginable. The creativity from the processors for their lust for new revenues seem limitless. We now have a “fee jungle” with fee such as: PCI Annual Fees, PCI Monthly Fees, PCI Monthly Non-Compliance fees, IRS TIN Enrollment/Annual fees, TIN Monthly fees, IRS TIN Mismatch fees, ACH fees, other non compliance fees, other monthly fees, annual “administrative” fees, PCI insurance fees, semi annual fees, annual fees, equipment fees, warranty fees, fee “bundles”, and yes the list goes on and on. These unbridled fees have made merchants furious while hardworking sales people stand by and watch their hard earned clients fall off one by one.

So you like the idea of a new start without all the baggage of these fees and upset merchants? We can assure you that there are no catches or small print with our deal. We will simply request for you to sign a non-disclosure and we can send you out an agreement and set up binder right away. We can set you up to run deals right away. Please email and request a sales packet.