Services overview

We primarily focus on merchant accounts. We use the First Data platform and are a registered ISO of Wells Fargo bank. We also pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of services to our sales people and merchants.

Merchant Accounts (Credit Card Processing)

  • Specializing in lowering merchants rates and fees while offering the best customer service
  • Setting up new accounts
  • Competative pricing
  • Retail and Moto merchant accounts
  • Internet merchant accounts
  • Mail order telephone order merchant accounts
  • Wide range of marketing and incentives including a free terminal program


Check Guarantee

  • If the merchant receives a bad check with this program they still receive 100% of the face value of the check.


Electronic Check Conversion

  • Converts a standard check into an electronic transaction by running the check through a check reader at checkout. The funds will automatically be transferred into the merchants account without the requirement of having to take the check to the bank for deposit.


Free Check Collection

  • This program is for retailers that take checks but do not want the expense of a guarantee. This program is at no cost to the merchant.


Payment Software

  • Software for computers to run transactions via a phone line
  • Full reporting
  • Customer database
  • Software compatible with QuickBooks



  • ACH online gateway
  • Re-occuring payments (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)
  • Accept checks over the phone
  • Send out going payments (payroll, taxes, vendors, etc.)
  • Online real time reporting


Gift / Loyalty Cards

  • Free 100 cards – introductory package
  • Standard 500 card packags for busier merchants
  • Custom programs of 1000+ cards or more with custom design


Online Payment Gateways

  • Secure online payments allow you to run transactions from any computer that can get online.
  • Re-occuring billing
  • Use with a shopping cart
  • Customer databases
  • Online reporting


Point of Sale (POS) Value Exchange System

  • Credit cards, checks, and cash processing
  • Barcode scanner and printer
  • User friendly and updateable
  • Touchless processing
  • Hi Speed IP
  • Tracks inventory
  • Ordering history
  • Several payment methods
  • Full 24/7 support


Landline Payment Terminals

  • Counter top devices
  • Hi Speed IP terminals
  • Variety of models


Wireless Payment Terminals

  • Allows the merchant to run transactions without a phone line
  • All in one terminals
  • Cell phone devices
  • Variety of models


Cash Advance Product

  • Allows merchant to access their monthly credit card processing in the form of an advance
  • Fast funding
  • Not a loan



  • Stand alone ATM’s
  • In-wall ATM’s