We are experts in Merchant Processing Accounts

Who these days in merchant services does not claim to be an expert?  After all, there are plenty of ISO’s that have been doing this business longer or bigger then someone else.  We have been in this business since 2003 and have thousands of satisfied merchants across the nation.  The real question is what makes one an “expert” in Merchant Services?

At Transparent Pay our staff has literally decades of industry specific experience in caring for merchants and sales professionals.  We have negotiated with all the biggest processors and banks over the years and have secured excellent pricing so we can in turn offer you some of the most competitive costs in the industry.  We don’t play games with “free” equipment, low item fee pricing grids you are not even allowed to sell, or deals with up-front cash incentives.  The bottom line is all these programs cost money.  This money comes out of your pocket– out of your residual check.  We keep it simple, keep it “Transparent” great costs and great revenues.

Through the years Transparent Pay has gained valuable insights which have translated into a comprehensive understanding of what being a merchant industry “expert” really means.  We believe being an expert involves providing excellent resources to our sales partners such as: training tools, webinar’s, personalized sales support, bid tools, and a passion to be the best at what we do.  However, in spite of all this we rise to the top with the mantra that begins with the believing an expert understands that at the core of Merchant Services is the satisfaction of the merchant.  Satisfied merchants will translate to successful sales partners which ultimately creates a long term sales partnership– isn’t this what an ISO business is all about?  Sure, having great pricing and cutting edge tools for merchant services is vitally important but, at the core the mission to treat each merchant fairly by never charging bogus fees.  If this is the criteria then we believe Transparent Pay is The Merchatn Service Industry Expert.