In today’s dynamic and every changing technological society we understand that having cutting edge  boarding and reporting tools can make the difference on which sales person earns the business.  With this understanding in forefront of our mind, at Transparent Pay we work to employ only the very best tools to assist our sales partners.

We have a fully functional website complete with two way notes, maintenance, document server, residual reporting detail.  All interaction on the website will generate emails so managing your new account status and boarding from the road easier than ever.  Also, Transparent Pay houses extensive training resources on the website.  Trainings include recorded and interactive PowerPoint topics which break the industry down into bite size pieces of about 45 minutes each.  With the handouts, tests, and other materials even a newly recruited sales person can learn all the components of becoming a sales person from terminology to completing the merchant application.  Additionally, we have on line tools for application submission complete with built in leasing options and on line signature.  A sales person can literally complete a merchant application from an iPad (or Laptop) and have the merchant sign on the screen (or with the mouse).  Once you click “submit” the application goes straight to underwriting with no delays on boarding your new deal.  We also have a fully integrated merchant account viewing tool where you can look up by merchant their processing information, batch data, volumes, previous processing statements, and more.